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The Original O'OldTymer


Our whiskey is an old Portuguese tradition of single small batch distillation combined with legendary Long Island New York corn, aged to perfection or...not all.

It was at this time during prohibition that they set up a distillery. My grandfather was 14 years old at the time. As best as anyone can remember, he was in charge of the stills while my great grandfather farmed the lands that he owned. Since no records were kept back then, it's hard to tell where his spirits ended up. All I know is that he did not drink it all! Growing up I made many trips back to Portugal with my parents, usually in the winter months when the stills were going full throttle. I remember once they started distilling, the stills and the wood boiler would work for several months without stopping. The primary spirit was "Grappa" and plenty of it! However, along with brandy there were always different infusions of spirits that he would put together. As he got older those infusions kind of disappeared along with his brandy. When my grandfather passed away in 2006 there were only a few gallons left from the tens of thousand of gallons he produced. Today the remaining drops are worth more the gold to my my family. I personally have 2 bottles and my father about 5 gallons. With his brothers and sister a gallon each. Don't ask.


So how did we get started? Well its simple, pure desire to recreate the legacy that was left behind. It was during a recent trip to Portugal with my family visiting my Uncles house when he offered me a cherry infused spirit that he made with my grandfathers "Grappa". Needless to say it was amazing and our defining moment. With next to nothing left of my grandfathers stash, I turned to my father and told him we need to recreate this and he agreed. Knowing full well that I can not mimic the grape pumice here in the USA. I set out to get as close as possible. But at the same time to create an infusion like the one I had experienced in Portugal. It was a spirit like I have never tasted before, a spirit that would appeal to the mainstream of people who wanted a smooth drinkable shot that wouldn't send their taste pallets to another zip code. Success was at our finger tips in the form of Apple Pie and Strawberry Moonshine. We are proud to serve this wonderful spirit made with products grown in New York, but most of all to share our family's history with you. Please enjoy, tell your friends and drink responsibly.

We're proud to serve this wonderful spirit made with products grown in New York, sharing our families traditional small batch of whiskies and flavor infused Moonshines.

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